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Someone knows why my MyDriveConnect suddenly shows on TomTomMyDrive Connect "Go 6000" instead "Go 6100" (as a month ago) (and the serial number is correct) and my device cannot linking with TomTom My DriveConnect? I can't linking the device with the app, so it is unusable... wtf!


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Oloap
    Welcome to the community!
    Both devices GO 6000 and GO 6100 have the serial number starting with the same initials, and so MyDrive Connect might be showing it as GO 6000.

    To get the device linked, just try the steps as below-
    1. Disconnect the device from the computer.
    2. Perform a factory reset- Main menu- Settings- System- Reset
    3. Log-in to MyDrive on the device- Main menu Settings- MyDrive
    4. Now connect the device to the computer and open MyDrive Connect.

    Do you see your device listed under your account?

    Regards, Vikram.
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    Thanks. Device resetted (now my TomTom has turned in blue instead green) but it's again "no-connected" when I open MyDriveConnect (MDC).
    And if I try to add it as a new device in "My Devices" on MDC, I can't do it.
    On the device I see TomTomService- Web State - connected and TomTom Servce - MyDrive-Active,
    but on my Mac, when I start MDC, I see "Go6000" (a week ago was "GO6100") with the correct serial number, as not connected...
    I don't want remove it from "my Devices" on MDC (to add it, after, as a new device), because I don't know if I'll see it when I'll try to add.
    The only thing that could be wrong is that I'm using a not original cable, because the old cable has broken 2 days ago... I would be sure that all the things will run ok, before to buy a new one