Version 3.6.9 rollout started

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We have started rolling out version 3.6.9. This is a phased rollout and we'll increase to 100% as soon as possible.
  • Route types that aren't relevant to lorries have been removed.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements


  • knxrb
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    edited August 12
    Any news on a fix for the voice audio crackling/distorting and forcing us to use the USA Samantha voice please?

    I've been waiting over 2 months for a fix that I was told the team already knew about when I reported it...
  • frankieman
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    I hope that the synchronisation problems will be solved with this version. But I don't really believe that:
  • rabero1985
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    Yesterday i renewed my yearly subscription.
    I see improvements, the routebar is now in AA. And so far stable, no problems with maps downloading, no crashes.
    Also the sound ouputs works fine now,and no conflict with music on bluetooth anymore , that's great.

    The only thing i see come back is that i still must tap on the 'overview' symbol when i start a route to make the automatic zoom work(in the app, on AA it works fine)

    I also see that if i tap on menu 'gas stations', i see an overview on the map with the prices,very handy. But can it be made possible to show this prices also on the map or in the routebar by the gas station symbol if you enabled to show them on your route and in driving mode?

    So far , good job !
  • rabero1985
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    I found some issue but i don't know it's a software
    bug or a map problem....

    As you can see i made a new poi in may (VOC Neteland) and it was accepted in Mapshare.
    I find this in Amigo, but not in TTGN.
    I tried with Online search on/off and Online route calculation on/off in TT Services but it makes no difference.
    No results found.

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