GO Discover/Expert- Unable to login-MyDrive - Error "We're having trouble accessing TomTom Services"

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1. Select the Main Menu button in Map View or Guidance View to show the Main Menu.

2. Scroll to the right of the screen and select the Settings button.

3. Scroll to the right of this menu and select System.

4. In the System menu for TomTom GO Discover / GO Camper Max / GO Expert / GO Exclusive, select Reset device.
6ltwk1vpa10i.pngIf you have a password that has special characters like @, #, $ etc.
Just reset your password on our website to something that does not contain any such special characters.
(This is a temporary bug and should be fixed once the root cause is identified)

ptl26a58znxf.pngTake your device outside under a clear sky and let it connect to the satellites.

vha8pb3ui6tt.pngMake sure your TomTom is connected to a WiFi® network when you are logging into MyDrive on the device.

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