Format and Restore the TomTom Carminat when you have an active map on your account

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This step guides you through formatting your device or memory card :
  1. Press the Windows logo key aymnw1miyadr.png+E
  2. Find your TomTom navigation device or memory card in the Devices with Removable Storage list. Note : Your navigation device might not have a label or name, but only a drive letter.
  3. Right click on the navigation device or card and select Format...
  4. In File system , make sure FAT32 is selected.
  5. Make sure Quick Format is not selected.
  6. Click Start . A warning is shown.
  7. Click OK .
  8. Windows formats your device.
  9. When the formatting is complete, click OK then click Close to close the format window.


This step guides you through reinitialising your memory card in your car.
  1. Safely disconnect your memory card from the computer as follows:
    • If you are in the Metro interface you first need to select Desktop in order to see the notification area.
    • Click the Safely Remove Hardware icon Image in the notification area and then choose the memory card device from the pop-up window.
    • Click Stop to disconnect the SD card .
  2. Start the car and switch on your navigation module.
  3. Wait for the navigation screen to appear.
  4. Insert the new memory card into your navigation module.
  5. Wait for a few seconds so that the card can be initialised by your navigation module.
  6. Switch off your navigation module, remove the memory card and insert it into the card reader connected to your computer.


This step guides you through installing updates from HOME onto your device or memory card .
  1. Start TomTom HOME.
  2. Click Update my device .
  3. Select all updates.
  4. Click Update and Install .
    Note : Keep your navigation device connected. TomTom HOME checks your device to see if updates are required. If further updates are required, follow the instructions in TomTom HOME.
  5. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until no more updates are offered.

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