Start25 error on downloading map

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I have a TomTom start25 and am having trouble updating maps via MyDrive Connect. I've tried to update maps, got an error, thought it was not enough space and deleted all the maps. Tryied to intall new ones and it crashes around 50%. Searching help in site, I saw the videos and I've reset it. The error persists. I don´t know more what to do. It is not lack of space. It as 7768Mb free and the map only needs 4534Mb.


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    Have you cleraed the cache of the Download Folder in MyDrive Connect?
    Delete MDC Home folder manually.
    --> Disconnect the device from the computer.
    --> Log out of MyDrive Connect and close it:
    --> Click the MyDrive Connect icon ( or ) in the notification area of the Windows taskbar or in the Apple menu bar, then click > Exit.
    --> Delete the HOME3 folder
    - press "Windows" + R keys, please type: %localappdata%
    - select the TomTom folder
    - delete the HOME3 folder
    --> Now restart the computer. Please do not shutdown PC and turn on again, but explicitly select the item "restart" in the start menu.
    --> Reset the Navi:
    - To do this, hold the on/off button with the device switched on until the drum sound is heard.
    --> Restart MyDrive Connect and log in.
    --> Connect the device and start the download again
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    Thank you for the help, but it didn't work