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Although there are rest areas in the navigator, I can only see them in the map, but never in the side bar list. For me it's esential in order to plan my rests...

I had activated it choosing the last option at the bottom of the side bar list, and then in the long list.

What happens is that even if they are enabled, they are not shown in the sidebar, never!

Tested on TomTom Go Expert 7" See the photo...

ease, fix it.


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    On the GO Discover the Rest areas are displayed 'OK' on the Route Bar....
    Tap on the 3 line 'Hamburger Icon' --> Setting -->Map & Display --> Side bar... Set 'Rest arears' to 'ON'
    Maybe there's a glitch on the Truck Map or the Truck Navcore ???

    @VikramK or @lampard the Forum Moderators should pick this up on Monday and check out the issue.....
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    Hi @Karim_H
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    This was supposed to be an expected behaviour, as most of the rest areas in the PND database are car related rest areas. Most of these rest areas are not suitable for Large Vehicles due to their sizes and restrictions. I suspect this is the reason why the rest areas are blocked for Large Vehicles as Truck.
    Instead, we offer Truck Stops for Large Vehicles that are suitable.

    We also have received similar contacts through our direct support channel.

    This might not change in the short term, but we have forwarded the information/feedback to the Navigation Teams that are responsible for the POI's, so they can investigate.

    Thank you,

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    Hello @YamFazMan and @VikramK.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I have all the options activated, so the rest areas should appear (in the 6250, in France it did show them)...

    What doesn't make sense is that they classify rest areas as car-only... At least in Spain when an area is NOT accessible for heavy vehicles or with height, width, length or weight restrictions... it is explicitly indicated .

    We cannot stop with a trailer anywhere, only at gas stations, service areas, and rest areas.

    It is understood that a rest area does not appear if to reach it you have to go through a street that is inaccessible to a trailer due to its turning radius, etc... but it does not show one.

    We bought the TomTom Go Expert to avoid streets with heavy vehicle bans and to be able to easily plan where we are going to stop to rest. It is inadmissible that we have to manually search the map for the rest area that comes our way... In the end, Google Maps in this aspect is more reliable and free!

    Please someone tell TomTom that this is something basic so that we can work properly... it's not an extra function, an addition, it's basic!

    Thank you!

    Karim H.