Testing iPhone battery drain using data connection for traffic information etc.

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Concerned about iPhone battery drain using its data connection, I've done some testing with my new TT nav (not using the TomTom MyDrive app).

The iPhone is old, has a modest processor and a fairly weak 1624 mAh battery showing 92% battery health. It has iOS 15.6, which is the latest available software. Many of you own newer and better performing phones with stronger batteries.

The iPhone is connected to the TT using the Bluetooth Personal Hotspot and without the MyDrive app. With this method, iPhone messages are not available. I don't mind, I'm interested in: Real-time traffic information, speed camera updates and QuickGPSfix. These can be received over the iPhone's data connection plus Bluetooth without need for the MyDrive app.

FYI: If you want to connect via Bluetooth without the MyDrive app refer to this TT manual (bottom half of page).

TomTom Go Classic 6''
iPhone SE (2016), iOS 15.6
Data connection on
Personal Hotspot on
Bluetooth on
WiFi off
For testing, I switched off all apps.

Several test drives show:

~10% battery drain per hour
Personal Hotspot data throughput ~1 MB per hour


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    can be a case of depleting battery on iphone
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    I'm not dissatisfied with 10% power consumption per hour, it seems reasonable to me. And I have an iPhone charger cable in the car.