Compass indications in Tom Tom Go Essential

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Compass shows mirror image.
When I go north or South, the North direction is indicated correctly. However, when I go East or West, instead the North, the compass points to the South. How to resolve it?


  • fergussion
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    it's not pointing north.
    it'f pointing towards you final destination
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    fergussion wrote: »
    it's not pointing north.
    fergussion wrote: »
    it'f pointing towards you final destination
    There i not agree. The arrow ist pointing to the traveling direction of the road,
    If you drive a road from south to east ist shoes right
    If you drive a road from south to north it shows up
    If you drive a road from east to west ist shows right
    The compass is showing the direction of the road on the compass rose.

    Only the Discover,Expert and Go App has a real North compass based on the Road.
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    It’s not a Compass as such, It's a Direction of travel indicator

    It works on exactly the same principal as the one that Captain Jack Sparrow uses to navigate the Black Pearl ;)

    When you are driving the small Arrow head chevron, above the plus and minus signs points to your Direction of travel

    If you imagine you are looking at a Paper Map of the World and your located in the UK
    The North-Pole.... Is at the top the arrow points Up
    You're heading North
    The South-Pole.... Is at the bottom the arrow points Down
    You're heading South
    Canada.... Is on the Left (West) the arrow points Left
    You're heading West
    China.... Is on the Right (East) the arrow points Right
    You're heading East

    And obviously, all points of the compass in between

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM