Carminat Tom Tom LIVE does not update map (that I purchased)

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Hello, i recently purchased updates for my Renault Carminant Tom Tom, both for maps and for speed radars.
After updating the SD in the Windows app, there are now much more radar warnings, but the maps does not seem to have been updated at all.

When I enter again in the app, I can update again the radar information but not the Spain map.

It shoud be updated, shouldn't it?

Also, the app recommend me to purchase the Europe map with updates...that I already did !



  • Willy875
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    If you already have the Europe card, you do not need to buy the Spain card.
  • jlahuer
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    Thanks, I know.

    I have a 7 year old Renault with a very outdated Tom Tom (just free updates). Recently I decided to purchase the Europe card with 1-year updates that had a summer discount.

    Since I only needed Spain for the moment, the tool showed an option for Spain/Portugal only and I installed it.
    But, contrary to the radars, I don't see any difference in the new map. It seems as outdated as it was before the purchase and installation.

    Now, when I search again for updates, the application lets me install/update radar alers and the rest of the maps: Europe, Western Europe, and individual countries except Spain/Portugal. I gess that it is because the app considers that it is already updated.
    Also, when I finish updatting the radars, there is a banner recommending to purchase the Europe map (see image attached), but this is what I did a few weeks ago !z7sxiqpbx3wt.jpg
    So, to sum up: I purchased a Europe map with 1 year updates, I installed only Spain/Portugal but i don't see any update over my old map. And now it seems that the application considers that the map is already up to date.

    Is there anything else that I can do?