Tomtom Runner 2 does not connect to account

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Hi guys,
I have an existing account with a runner 3 device connected. After this watch got broken I got myself a new runner 2. Now i don't manage to get the new device connected with my existing account. When I connect the device with my notebook it's getting charged, but the activities are not getting uploaded in the account. I guess i have to add the new device to the account, but how? Thank for your help!
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  • lampard
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    Hi @H-Man2000, Welcome to our Community! If it does not have a full connection it will charge but it will not be recognized by the computer. Can you have a look at this article here and see if it helps?

    Best, lampard
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    Is it connecting at all and the activities are not showing on the account or does in never upload? If it never uploads it could be the dock. Two pins are used for charging and two for data transfer. Is there any damage to the pins in the charger or the contacts on the watch? If any of the pins are bent or deformed straighten them out with a pin and make sure the contacts on the back of the watch are free of tarnish or grime. Also make sure it is fully snapped into the cradle. If this does not help you need a new dock which is going to be hard to find as TT Sports went out of business almost 5 years ago and discontinued all products. You can look online for used ones on Amazon, eBay, etc.

    It is uploads but not to the right account, when you got the new watch did you plug it in for the first time and follow the prompts to register it using the exact same credentials as the old watch? You can try a factory reset and when prompted to register or login, select login and use the credentials from the old watch and it will sync to the same account, which is determined by the email used.