5150 Sim, traffic the triangle of doom

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So last week I replaced my battery in my 5150 which I’ve had from new and is in use daily, it was showing the battery charging then sim screen repetition so after nearly ten yrs I treated it, but after smashing the glass (not the lcd) and putting a dud battery in and having to take it apart again to put a new one in it now is showing connected but no live services after taking the sim out and popping it back in, now I have nothing!! Quick chat with tomtom support but as it’s to old and they don’t supply sims anymore they can’t help!!! Now I have a barely used 5150 which I’ve dug out of the cupboard which hasn’t been used for 4yrs so no free updates etc but it won’t pair to my account as it says it’s a telematics device?? Strange when I had a 5150 paired already, does anyone think I could use everything apart from the main board and bring the original back into play or transfer my sim out of the new to old???