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I am receiving regular offers of deals to upgrade my device. However, while quite keen, I am reluctant to do so, since I will lose my lifetime speed camera updates 6-year-old Go5100. The best I can get with upgrading my device is 1 year.
Any ideas - also how much will speed cameras cost after that 1 year?


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    On GO 5100 the speed cameras are for life so you don't need to upgrade the speed cameras for GO 5100.
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    The upgrading emails that TomTom keep sending are offers to upgrade the device, suggesting an upgraded device would be an improvement. However, it does look as though the best that can be purchased includes only 1 year of speed cameras - thus losing a very important benefit of my 6 year-old device.
    Why have TomTom reduced the offer on their new devices - this means I will have to hang on to the one I have for as long as possible. Not very clever of them really.
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    Hi, it appears it is £3.49 per month or £34.99 per year. https://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/navigation/maps-services/go-discover-premium-services/