NAVIGATION UPDATE ISSUE. Mazda cx9 2015.DRxxxxxxxx88

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I recently bought this used Mazda cx9 2015 model. Mazda built-in Navigation system "version status" shows following; [1] Device is DRxxxxxxxx88. [2] App 10.855.2319141.542 (0) (1815, 5/30/2016), OS 1550115. [3] Backup FS 1472547. [4] Map: `USA_Canada` v905.4850.

I tried to upgrade my navigation system from TOMTOM HOME app -->Update my mazda navigation system NB1-->2 updates were available which i have already downloaded, so IT IS EMPTY NOW.

As per google latest updated map is version 1090. I have 2 questions; (1)why my map version status still shows `USA_Canada` v905.4850, even though this 905 version is of 2013 and i do not have any updates available on my tab of ""Update my mazda navigation system NB1"". (2) How can i download latest map version of tomtom free of cost. Thank you

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    Hi @mfawadishfaq
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    For downloading the new map v10.90, a subscription for map update service is needed. You can order that through our webshop here-

    At the moment, I have re-activated the older map version on your account. You should be able to download it using TomTom HOME.

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    Thanks Vikram for your support. Since i was able to use older version of TOMTOM map on my navigation system, how can this RE-activated map is different from the one which i already have? What does RE-activation mean, and of which year did you reactivate the map?

    Also, i was going through different forums such as ebay comments etc etc, and people have mentioned that TOMTOM reps were so supportive that they happily did one time free upgrade of map. Can you please offer me ONLY ONE TIME free upgrade of version 10.90 or even any of the recent past version of 2022 or 2021 or whichever you can. This will help me a lot.

    Thank you so much !!!