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The basic question is, can I search across all My Places files? It seems that I have to select one, which is a real pain! I tried a workaround by combining all of the POI files but the tool I was using has a size limit for files unless you're a business owner! Argh!

Basically long story is:

I have a TomTom Go Camper and I use an app called Search For Sites to find places to find locations. Search for sites offers a POI download facility but It splits the POIs into 6 or 7 files. When I find a campsite I want to go to I have to try each file in My Places to find the one I want, which is ridiculous!

Thanks in advance



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    The basic answer is both Yes and No………… B)

    You need to understand that TomTom irritatingly splits My Places into several different formats on our devices) and applies different rules to each format!!! (Different rules apply to MyDrive) – My understanding is as follows:

    Basically My Places are split between:

    the Favourites you have created (Stars on the Map)

    and POI’s which are further split between:

    3rd Party POI’s (imported as ov2 files) and for your Go Camper; the Inbuilt POI’s which may be of some limited benefit to you.
    (there also Community POI’s - which are accessed from the Search function)

    3rd Party POI’s are located at the bottom of My Places which you have to slowly scroll through them all as "I have been unable" to find an easier way to gain access to them to open one ……. Irritating! :s

    You can “search” for My Places provided your Places (Favourites) are organised with some form of Prefix or consistent wording but you cannot search for a String within the middle of a Favourites name.

    But another of TomTom’s irritations, is that you can search for a string in the middle of the name if you use and ‘first open’ a set of 3rd Party POI’s /Inbuilt POI’s.

    You can open the Inbuilt POI’s from the ‘Search Menu’ but not a 3rd Party POI.

    Even more irritating is that you cannot transfer 3rd Party POI’s to use in the App or the later TomTom devices such as the Go Discover / Expert / Exclusive / Go Camper Max etc!!!

    Favourites / POI’s as you may have gathered are a major cause of my irritation with TomTom - I am sure it would be an easy task for a ‘programmer’ to code the App / Devices to search for a String within a Favourites name as it would be of benefit of all users and they could generally improve the way that Favourites / POI’s are handled, but TomTom rightly moves at its own pace and decides what gets priority or fixed!!!

    I have not used the “Search for Sites” App but assume you can export the POI’s first as a series of CSV files which you could combine in Excel etc. and then convert the combined CSV file back to an ov2 file format. (So you would then only have to open one POI set). I use Itn Converter but there are many file converters you can choose from.

    I prefer overall using Favourites instead of POI’s as you can send a Favourite destination or series of stops from MyDrive to a device (so I can start driving semi-immediately instead of waiting to program the destination on the device, which I find for my Go Camper can take ~5 minutes!!!) whereas you cannot very easily select and send a single POI.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks for that...I'm pretty much as frustrated as you are.

    Even more frustrating is that the complete set of POIs from Search For Sites is too bit for my CSV converter to put into one file!

    Oh well...
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    I registered on the Search for Sites - But it would not let me download the POI's:

    - wanted me to download and subscribe to the App (no detail of costs given!)
    - Update a profile page which I did then said it wanted more details!!!

    Felt it was just gathering information .......... so I gave up. :(

    Looked at the data on their website and the few sites I checked, overnight rates and other info was several years out of date but it was good to get a pictorial map of where campsites are possibly located - Maybe the App is more up to date?

    Still puzzled as to why the POI download was too large - I looked on the UK section of the Search for Sites and it showed 13,431 campsites.

    So as a test I created a 15,000 Row POI (standard 3 column layout) in Excel; converted it to an OV2 file and the file size was only 1.2MB well within TomToms 2MB limit.
    (Tested it worked OK on my Go Camper)

    I wonder if the 'Search for Sites' download is recording more information than the standard 3 column OV2 file?

    Have you an example of what they are recording in the File?