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Hi community,

After the switch to Google subscriptions my subscription doesn't renew anymore. The error is (in Google Play on the phone):
Your Subscription (TomTom GO Navigation) subscription won't be available until you update your payment method or select a different one.
If I try to fix that (by clicking "Fix payment"), I get "payment declined". Balance is sufficient.

I've used the app for years without problems, with Google Play balance as payment method.
My TomTom services email is different from my Google email.

I've read a while here and tried this:
"clear cache", "clear data", reinstalling both from phone and from browser.

How can I solve this?

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  • MUP
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    For years?
    Then it possible depends on ...

    Check "paymentmethods"
  • Willy875
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    Have you looked at > manage your google account > payment is subscription then > add a payment method.

    Tomtom services email different from Google account is not a problem.
  • tomtom369
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    @willy875 I do not want to add a payment method.

    @MUP I signed into and the transaction suddenly showed as completed. Checked on the phone, too, the issue seems to have been resolved overnight.

    Thank you for your answers.