Cannot see My Drive routes in latest mobile app.

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On version 3.5.14 I cannot see any stored routes in My Drive. Several people with me have the same problem on Android and iPhone. We all try to connect to the same MyDrive account.
TomTom support sent me this link as their resolution to the problem:,73.9007,15z The routes are visible in MyDrive, so whatever that new website is, does not fix the problem, which looks to be on the device. Are they really this incompetent??
Can someone connecting to a different MyDrive account confirm they get the same problem please.


  • lampard
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    Hi @NT3WG & Welcome to the Community! I just tried to sync the route, and it works. Can you share the route here? (Open the route in MyDrive> Share route>Copy link)

    The link mentioned above is the new route planner. You can also sync the routes using it to your GO App. (Sign-in first)

    Best, lampard