Maps deleted

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I was updating an old GO 720 and the maps was deleted!
And the only option now in TomTomHome is to buy new maps...
Can you please help, saw you helped other with the same problem.




  • Willy875
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    Normally the GO 720 is no longer followed by Tomtom so it is impossible to buy or update a map.
    Check back Monday to see if moderator @VikramK can do anything for you.

    And if it's really possible to buy a map for your GO, you should buy it before Tomtom changes its mind.
  • peterschlegel
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    No i will not buy maps for this, it's to old, i just wanted to do quick fix to use it on the motorbike on vacation next week, not a motorbike vacation, motorhome with short trips on the bike.
    If it's not possible i think it will go in the recycling :-)
    I have a neewer TomTom also but that seams to be dead by battery..
    Dont't use navigators anymore then havit built in to the cars and in the smartpohones..
    But i guess i will end up with a real TomTom motorbike GPS.