No Sound/Audio using Iphone XR (IOS 15.5)

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I have no sound/audio using Tom Tom App with Iphone (Software IOS 15.5) independent from the installation in the car. There is no audio even I start Tom Tom only in the app on my phone. There is also no audio with bluetooth in the car. Any way how I use the app there is no sound/audio. I already checked all soundinstallations, the loudness is on, the phone is not on mute. Do you have an idea what I can check?


  • DawnyDoody
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    I’m having the same problem. Hope someone can help!
  • Doshi
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    Hi! I also hope of some inputs and help. I paied for the App and can not use it.... :-(
  • JOHNO45
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    I too have an iPhone XR on IOS 15.5 and although if I select a voice I hear it OK, no instructions are heard when on the move.
    This is an absolute waste of money if TomTom cannot resolve an issue that has apparently been a problem for over 5 years.
    Google maps works and is ilkely to put TomTom out of business unless a solution is provided.
  • lampard
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    Hello @Doshi and @DawnyDoody

    Welcome to our Community! Do you see the AirPlay icon switch in the bottom left of the main menu? If connected to a Bluetooth speaker, You can tap it and then select iPhone to use iPhone speakers for instructions.

    Also, make sure you've the Voice instructions icon (three-way audio toggle in the bottom right corner of the screen) set to 'Alert & Guidance'.
    • Muted: Sounds and alerts muted
    • Alerts only: Alerts only
    • Unmuted: Sounds and alerts unmuted
    Best, lampard
  • Doshi
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    Hi John, nice to hear, that I'm not alone with this problem but it is a pity! I didn't realize that this problem is already known for over 5 years and not solved. So it seems there is no solution. Thanks for your answer which is appreciated!