Go Campervan satnav has incorrect speed limits for large campervans here in the UK

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During lockdown I brought a Go Campervan to go with my new motorhome. having had TomTom's for Cars and Motorbikes I thought it was a good option.

Here in the UK we have different speed limits for large campervans ( those over 3.5t) this sat nav only ever show the road speed limits for Cars, on most "A" roads in the UK the speed limit for a car is 60 but for a Large Campervan/Motorhome its only 50, I have checked I have the correct Map and have tried both the default Large Camper setting and entering custom values but hat ever I do the SatNav only show the "car" speed limits. this also null and voids any speed warnings.

Please can you advise what I need to do to get the correct speeds as currently this device is pointless I may as well have used my CarSatNav and save £500


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    Try reporting in mapshare
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    I do not think you are doing anything wrong, it is just that the TomTom Go Camper does not function as advertised and claimed; for the larger Motorhome in particular. *
    ( @fergussion - As the problem is affecting "all restricted roads" Mapshare Reporter is not really the correct tool )

    My Go Camper also generates bizarre and illogical routes / diversions that TomTom have also been unable to rectify for ~3 years.

    Add this to the constant rebooting due to the unresolved MyDrive synchronisation issue that has been ongoing for a couple of years and currently my Go Camper is currently relegated to being as much use as a "Pet Brick". (I am going to try and resurrect it soon)

    * I and many other users have been highlighting the incorrect "larger Motorhome" speed limits / other related issues for ~4 years which has been reported to the TomTom Customer Care Team.

    I received the almost generic TomTom response:

    Customer Services have acknowledged that other users have reported the same issue Based on this they have created a ticket to be investigated and forwarded it to the developers. I was also advised that the developers are actively looking into this issue impacting some customers, but regret that at this time they have not determined the underlying cause and cannot therefore give any reference point on when they will have the issue fixed.

    As a result I have been successfully using a Garmin Camper 890 which does recognise the correct 3.5T + Motorhome Speed limits :) but as with most products nothing is 100% perfect...................... ;)

    I tried looking back for my messages to the Customer Care Team but they all appear to have disappeared (anything over 2 years old? ) - if you have an unresolved issue TomTom will incorrectly mark it as "Solved" if you do not update the thread every 3 days. :s

    I located this thread on the forum which discusses the speed limits / height / width restrictions back in 2018 . See here

    There are no doubt other threads and as far as I am aware there has been no resolution of the issues discussed.

    @VikramK Can you please check on the status of this issue with the relevant team?