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I bought an older GO Comfort 50 (new in box from Best Buy) a few months back to have a standalone gps for my car. Its the 4th Tomtom that I've owned, been using them for 20 years. From the beginning this unit does not give spoken directions even though I have a voice assigned and the unit does make sounds. I've tried resetting the voice, etc all to no success. Tried to contact support and all I find are the chat bots whose procedures did not help and that can't handle the possibility of a broken unit. My frustration level is pretty high on this because of that. Can anyone help me out with a URL to chat with a PERSON or phone number to a real person?

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    Since the covid there is no longer a telephone line
    you must contact customer service by chat to chat with a person or by email.

    How to contact TomTom customer support by chat or email

    How to contact TomTom customer support by email

    For your voice problem did you activate the voices?


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    Yes, voice instructions are on. Volume is full. Sound is on. Selected voice is Samantha (I'm in USA). MyDrive Connect shows Samantha as not installed, but the GPS shows it as available. I'll switch to another voice that the GPS and MyDrive agree is installed. Have been getting warning for school zones, etc, just no voice.

    Thanks for the help.....