For electric vehicle?

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you should be able to switch the app to support Electric vehicle,
- Route planning for charging
- Shortcut to electric charging instead for petrol

Is it possible to change any settings in the app to make a shortcut for ev charging?

Next step:
-Possibility to se how many chargers that are free on upcoming station.


  • John-Jay
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    I would add that it also needs to be able to differentiate between "Destination Chargers" & "Super Chargers"!

    There really is not much point being directed to a Charger (whilst you are undertaking a Long Distance Drive) to then find it is ONLY a 3kW Charger (designed for overnight Charging & totally incapable of "Charging-on-the-Go")!!
  • lampard
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    Welcome to the Community, @MaxSweden! This feature request is already discussed here and for all I know that it's a work in progress. Once there's an update, we'll post back here.

    Best, lampard