TOM TOM Golfer 2 gps watch strap broken

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I got the watch as a prize in Nov 18 but it has just broken/split during play, with no adverse impact. The plastic strap has split in 2 in the middle. I'm checking legal situation re warranty as it is within 5 years of use and is obviously not fit for purpose. I'm in UK. Tom Tom say I have to pay £20 for a replacement. Is this common fault?


  • tfarabaugh
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    The strap is not covered under warranty as it is a disposable part subject to usual wear and tear, it is not a manufacturing defect. And at almost 5 years old you are well beyond the expected useful life of a watch strap. I am frankly surprised TT is offering to replace it as they have been out of business for almost 5 years and there are no straps available so I would double check who you are dealing with. If it is a real offer, I would take it as the straps are very hard to come by these days.