Subscription/App broken since last renewal

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Points from original thread:
1) Now I get errors: "Subscription Ended. Renew your subscription to keep enjoying (sic) TomTom Go Navigation"
2) Clicking on "Continue" it takes me to a page titled "Choose a Plan" where it seems to be trying to load my subscription.
3) This times out and takes me to a page saying "Oops! Something went wrong. Try again"
At this point it loops between (2) and (3) and gets nowhere.
4) If I manage to catch the "Restore Purchases" from (2) then it asks me for my tomtom login.


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    I have exactly the same issue as shown in points 1 - 4 of the original post, but for the iOS app and every time there is an update of the Go Navigation app on my iPhone. To work around that, I have to pretend to purchase a different plan, despite my plan still being valid until May 2023. It will then say, the new plan will be valid as of the renewal date of the current subscription (May 2023). Once that is confirmed, I can revert to my actual subscription. I use a gmail address for my TomTom account and a different one for my US Apple ID. Logging on to the TomTom Website, it says "no subscription connected to my account" and also "no active appliaction related to my account". What needs to be done to resolve that "Ooops ... etc.) issue????
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    Hi @LudoP , welcome to our forum. I have moved your post to the iOS section to avoid confusion.

    You can use two different email addresses for the TomTom account and the Apple ID. The TomTom account is not linked to your subscription and that's why it's not listed in your TomTom account. What happens if you open the app from the Apple App Store by tapping the Open button?
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