Rollout of 3.2.1 started

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We have started rolling our version 3.2.1. This is a phased rollout.
This build only has changes to our back-end. The only visible change is a link to delete the account.


  • rjmzoom
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    My app has just been updated to 3.2.1 no indication of what bug fixes are present though.
  • D-Stream
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    Speed Cameras still wrong in average speed zones still tells you you can do 70mph regardless of set speed in the zone while the sat nav 6200 reports its perfect.

    Due to this incorrectly reports time for journey completion in many journeys.

  • 611forss
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    edited July 15
    Sorry for this. With the new update the app starts even in airplane mode!

    (I didn’t know where to write a suggestion, so I try here. The maps are supposed to work offline, but the app itself won’t start if iPhone is in airplane mode! Not so much use of offline maps if the app is not starting.)
  • brucey
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    @Jurgen, @lambert

    Any idea when the automatic rerouting will be fixed please?

    It seems ridiculous that I can plan a route, check the instructions before I set off and then during the journey the app deviates from what I’m expecting with no advance warning.

    Thank you in advance.
  • johnwalsh
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    The estimated arrival time is vastly incorrect. It now shows 7 hours where it used to show 1 hour and a trip of 100 meters shows as 10 minutes to get there. I am on version 3.2.1.
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