GO 620 lifetime speed cameras and wrong country account.

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My new go 620 comes with a lifetime speed camera subscription but on my account and device is showing 3 months until expiry.
I've tried to set my address but it's already with a German one, I need to get the country changed to the UK in order to put my correct address.
The serial number of my GO 620 is ZE5511T00700.

Please, how can I get this solved?


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    Wait till tomorrow for a moderator to check.
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    Hi @Jmonera

    If you want to change the current Home position then Turn the unit On then when the Map is displayed Press on the position you want to set as Home for a second or so. When you are offered to name the position then type Home and that will then be saved as the new position. It is suggested for security reasons that you don't use your Home as the saved position.

    Also if the unit is second hand and still has the previous owners details on it then you should do a Factory Reset then you can set the device up with your account details etc and the previous owners details and My places etc are removed. This will not change the current Map and Operating system versions on the unit.

    Menu/Settings/System/Reset Device.