Am I wasting my time?

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Purchased a pair of Go Comfort 6" devices to replace older TomTom devices that the company abandoned support on.

Been having nothing but trouble with them since day one. They have major issues staying connected to any smartphone (we've tried many), and in general, the quality leaves a lot to be desired in both the software and map updates. They can't even spell "New York" correctly on some map entries, instead it's spelled "New Tork"- and the voice says it like that...

Been in contact with support on this ever since first purchasing the devices. We were hoping that a software update would make them work better, but it never came.

Recently, we contacted support, and told them we have had enough, and want to either get the devices replaced with something newer and more reliable, or a refund, so we can purchase another brand.

Support asked for copies of the receipts/invoices. I sent them, and since then, TomTom support has gone into radio silence...

I send a follow-up email, and I receive a reply- with no reply. Just a blank email.

Are we being dodged?

Anyone else have major issues getting a response from TomTom Support?



  • VikramK
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    Hi @Toonz
    Sorry about the delay caused. I am not sure if this happened due to a technical glitch, but I have sent a heads-up to our Customer Service team.
    A follow-up will be arranged asap.

  • Toonz
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    It's happening again. Sent the same message 3 or 4 times; all I get is a blank email in reply.

    I have two units, under warranty- that dont' work properly.

    It seems that whenever trouble arises, support goes deaf...