Device has lost GPRS connection (no live traffic, but valid subscription)

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Hi all,
my Tomtom Camper (which contains lifetime subscription on live traffic and speed cameras) doesn't connect to GPRS anymore. Several resets to factory settings have not been helping. If I connect the device to my home WLAN it runs perfectly and shows valid subscriptions for the live services, but as soon as WLAN is out of reach, it's gone.

I read that the SIM card would need to be resetted by Tomtom support, but all phone numbers I could find here are out of order. Can anyone help with this? Serial is ZA1239I01278.

Thank you!


  • DougLap
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    Hi @CFHH

    Which country are you in. If Switzerland then the 2g mobile system has been turned Off.

    Try contacting Chat as follows and ask them to check Sim.

    Tap Support at the top of this page
    You now Must sign in Top Right of next page
    Once signed in, and not before, tap Contact Us bottom right
    Type Chat or Contact in message box at the bottom
    Follow prompts to Chat which is available during normal working hours

    There is one other possibility which you may wish to try if your device is out of warrantee
    There have been instances of the inbuilt Sims contacts becoming corroded.
    Carefully remove the serial number label to reveal the Sim. Carefully with fine tweezers remove the Sim and clean the contacts. Then push the Dim in and out carefully to clean the inner contacts. When finished replace the label. Be careful to avoid any static.

  • CFHH
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    Hi Doug,

    thank you, will try. We're in germany, so 2G as our fastest available network in the country should be available ;)
    Device is in warranty, so will try the other way before.

    Thank you!