Family Sharing - Issue Work location override on multiple phones - Iphone TomTom Go app

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I now use the family sharing plan on multiple Iphones.
I only logged with my TomTom account on one of the phones.

My wife changed the work location on her Iphone, but now the work location is also synchronized to my phone.
I would like to have multiple work locations one for my work, one for my wife's work.

Is this a feature of the Family Sharing plan?
We both use different Apple IDs
My wife does not have a TomTom acount.
I do have a TomTom account and I logged into the app with it.

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  • Willy875
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    Add your wife's place of work to your favourites, for the place to be at the top of the list add >> 0000 names of your wife's place of work.
  • robvoo
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    Thanks for your quick answer,

    I figured this would be the workaround, but shouldn't we have workplace per Apple ID?
    And I was expecting the work setting is linked to the TomTom account logged in.
    She was not logged in to my TomTom account so I expected it would not syncrhonize
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    What is selected on your wife's phone in the Main Menu > TomTom Services? The long MyDrive isn't selected Home and Work should not be synchronised. It would make sense to create a separate TomTom account though to ensure there is a backup of personal data.