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Perhaps someone can help me.

When I installed the app, the route bar was narrow. I checked on the extra large option, which made it wider as it should. However, I don't like it this way, so I turned that feature off. Yet, the bar stays wide. It does not go back to the original narrow profile. I have stopped the app, cleared the cache but nothing works. I am using the app with Android Auto.

Your help with this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    The setup for the route bar is currently full of errors since the latest update.

    My App (release version) is unable to present the wide route bar.
    But it presents parking areas for trucks all the time.

    Enabling/Disabling the regarding settings and restarting the phone or app has no effect.
    It is independent of using Android Auto or not.

    Both effects are active on Samsung A52S5G and Pixel4XL operating Android12 with no green features activated.