Mazda 6 2014 NB1 live services not updated

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In May 2022, I renewed my Live subscription for on year on my now 8 year old NB1 built in sat nav. It cost me £55 and I received a receipt as paid from tomtom. The device is now telling me that my live subscription has expired! This happed two years ago. Back then, I actually got to speak to a real person from support. This seems to be impossible now. I tried a factory reset of the device but to no avail apart from losing all my saved favourites it does not pick up Live services. If I try Live services from the device, I get a "connecting to Live services" rotating wheel. But that just does nothing, even after 20 minutes. I am at my wits end and have totally lost faith in tomtom. Its impossible to get answers and I am now £55 out of pocket...


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    If you have remained more than 18 months without having renewed your live subscription, your Sim card is automatically deactivated and it is no longer possible to reactivate it.

    Request to be reimbursed.
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    I didn't know that. However my subscription had only just expired two weeks prior when I renewed it.

    As I paid via PayPal, I may try to get reimbursement through them. It seems impossible to contact tomtom to try to resolve the issue.

    But this leaves me with a sat nav that does not have the functionality that I need.
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    Hi @Zimmerframe

    Look back here tomorrow to see if @VikramK is able to suggest a more positive position.

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    Hi @Zimmerframe
    I see there was a subscription ordered in 2021, however that ended on 16th May 2022.
    If you have already reviewed the service recently, then please get in touch with our customer service (along with the order number) to fix the subscriptions on your account.