Sound when speeding & Sound off after an hour

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Hi all,

Setup: My device is a TomTom rider 550, connected to a Midland BTNext Pro.

Problem 1: I keep hearing a double 'beep' when the TomTom is connected (the beeping sound is not there when the TomTom is disconnected). Potential reason could be because I'm exceeding the speed limit. However, I've turned off all sounds on the TomTom (yes, all sounds turned off, only visuals are shown) and still hear this double 'beep' every few seconds -- even when I'm not speeding, and only when I'm going faster than around 50 km/h. A trip of an hour or two becomes quite annoying with this constant beeping. Any idea on how to get rid of this sound?

Problem 2: After an hour on the highway the voice sound (giving directions on where to go) goes mute; while before the hour passes just works fine. How can I keep on receiving voice instructions after an hour?



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    did you try reset factory on device