Double Invoicing of Go Navigation on Iphone

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Hello support, I've redeem a code from you to buy TomTom Go Navigation for my Iphone at a 50% discount. Have recieved invoice from TomTom for the coorect price of 77,50 DKK that have been paid. Bu have also recieved invoice from apple for order MM38GQXL8T for the full amount of 155,00 DKK. This hasn't been deducted yet. But I just want to make sure that I'm only paying the 77,50 DKK as agreed. Followed the instructions for activating purchase.


  • Willy875
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    In my opinion you bought the subscription twice?
    A subscription on the Tomtom site is another subscription on the apple store.
  • SirFrunke
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    I followed TomTom instructions for reactivating a purchase in the app. But apple still charged me as well.
    It’s not possible to do a navigation app on apple without confirming when you download.
    So yes I know it’s two different things. But when TomTom offers me a discount on their app for iOS I have to go through the apple store to get it