System stuck at 'busy with preparing'

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I have a new 32 GB SD card which the Smart MediaConnect recognises. I have transfered the hidden TomTom 000, 001,002,003 files to it. I have successfully updated several small items, like GPS fix and voices.
I want to update the Europe map. I get a window showing an icon of my computer with a line to a TomTom device and a large green tick. Next to it, it says ''system is being updated. Under it there are three little balls that keep moving and it says 'system being prepared'. This has been going on for 6 hours. Do I just wait? Is the system stuck? Is there anything I can do to know what is happening?
(BTW - words translated from Dutch so English version mkght be slightly different!)


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    Hi @Tabitha1063
    I'm not sure if transferring data to a new card will work.
    If the process is still stuck, then it's best to check with the car dealer and see what they have to suggest.