The Surreal Zone: Franklin Square NY

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We have a TomTom Via 1525M. It's generally reliable in getting us to a specified destination, although every once in a while it doesn't recognize the existence of an address that we've input.

Well, this evening I entered 16 consecutive addresses, all in the nearby village of Franklin Square NY 11010 (we're circulating a petition) and it didn't recognize a SINGLE ONE of them. Google Maps understands those addresses. Bing Maps understands those addresses. I don't just mean the specific numbered houses either: it doesn't recognize a single one of these street names as existing in Franklin Square!

Martha Pl
Jackson Ave
Monroe St
Rosegold St
Propp Ave
James St
Dogwood Ave
Paschal Ave
New Hyde Pk Rd
2nd Ave
Center Dr
Caroline Ave
Windermere Rd
Farnum Blvd
Bernice Rd
Forte Blvd

Did one of the TomTom software developers have a bad experience with somebody from Franklin Square or something?

Edited to Add: and yes my maps have been updated quite recently.


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    Were you able to search these places using the older map?
  • AHunter3
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    I have no idea. I had no reason to go to these places before the maps were upgraded a couple months ago.

    The maps don't seem to be corrupted or mal-downloaded or whatever... I mean, they recognize (with rare individual address exceptions) any other destinations we input and it's petitioning season so we've been giving it a thorough workout.

    It's just Franklin Square that's being treated as the black hole of Calcutta.