Mydrive lock after a few changes

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When i'm adding several GPX files to Mydrive (website) and sync them after each other my mydrive crashes. It logs out and page keeps refreshing. Only solution is to close my browser, wait 1-2 minutes, open my browser, open mydrive and try again. I have the same problem when i'm deleting several routes after each other. If i close my browser and open it again the problem is still there.

It seems like there's a timeout or something. I can do a workaround by deleting 3 or 4 routes then wait 1 minute and then continue but it's not really great...

Does anyone have a solution for this annoying problem?
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  • VikramK
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    Hi Graham,
    Welcome to the community!
    Are you trying this on a computer with wired connection?
    Also, do you see any improvements when you open the website in an incognito or a private browser window.

  • Graham93
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    Hi Vikram,

    Yes it's on a wired windows 11 pc.

    The problem also appears to be on a private browser windows (Firefox/Chrome)

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