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Renewal of Live Services.
Order Reference: 413698180 dated 12th June 2022
Payment paid into the account of:(TomTom) Blue Me Amsterdam NL - on the 16th June 2022 ! ! !

I renewed my Live Services on the 12th June 2022 (by Debit card) - and received the necessary receipt by email the following day. However the device does not show the renewal - it simply states that payment HAS NOT BEEN PAID and live services will expire in eleven days.
After the payment acknowledgment – the device was (according to instructions) turned off and thereafter turned back on – making no difference whatsoever.
Several reminders from TomTom were sent to my email address and upon each occasion I used the ‘reminder message’ to forward details of the renewal payment – and giving confirmation of the account the money was paid into
THE REASON for doing it by that method is because TOMTOM provides no customer telephone – or email service for such complaints !
Today my device states that the Live Services has expired and offers to prompt payment by using the appropriate button.
Getting in touch with TOMTOM is a nightmare – and I appreciate that the company is not based in the UK – BUT certainly operates within this country – and therefore comes within the legal remit of Trading Standards – AND The Ombudsman.
I await your response.


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    You are on a user forum

    You can talk to someone via chat during office hours or email customer service.

    It may be that at the time of purchase you have not selected your device account.
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    I take note of your (unhelpful) comments - however, the message to which you refer is only one of many I have endeavoured to use to make contact with ANY form of TomTom support.
    The latest four have all returned with the message: "unable to take message - please try again later"
    The process of action from the UK Ombudsman requires the complainant to show that every effort has bee made to ensure the matter has been brought to the attention of the - in this case - TomTom.
    I will next forward a copy of my correspondence to the four individuals shown as the Management Team in the Netherlands !

    Should you wish to verify just how hard it is to contact TomTom - I strongly suggest you read the appalling / disgraceful reviews on Trust Pilot>