re Tomtom rider 550 premium purchase & maps

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I bought a Tomtom rider 550 premium a coupe of months ago, on your website it says I should have lifetime worldwide maps and traffic and lifetime speed cameras. When I connect this to my online account/mydrive it only show Europe maps and says it has expired and wants me to pay for an upgrade, it also wants to charge me for speed cameras. I have emailed you without response and I now hope you (Tomtom customer services/support) will respond and help me resolve this problem. I have connect the rider 550 to my mobile and tomtom my drive app on the device it says there are connection issues and shows traffic expired date unavailable and speed cameras expirey date unavailable. I have removed the app and reinstalled and reconnected and to comes up with the same error. On my tomtom 550 device the only map it shows is Europe