Audio incompresible paired with Cardo Freecom2+

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I'm an owner of a TomTom Rider550 paired with an iPhoneX and an intercom Cardo Freecom2+. It's almost 1 year since I use this setup an this issue is present since the beginning.
When I use the intercom paired with both Cell Phone and TomTom I can't undertand the messages from the GPS, the voice is very fast (I'd say accelerated) and unintelligible.
Moreover, I've never been able to pair the telefone with the GPS in order to view messages on the screen or the incoming call. I can only receive data from the cell phone to update traffic and autovelox, but nothing else. I followed instructions step by step but, no way, I can't. The phone is connected with both TomTom (only data) and Intercom (voice and messages).
Can theese 2 problems be the cause of each other?
Can you help me to do something to solve these problems?
Thank you in advance.


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    It's been years since tomtom mydrive has not worked as expected after ios13 upgrade