Order Number: 413174880.

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Hi TomTom Sales B.V. Australia,

RE: TomTom Order Number: 413174880.

I have been trying to get in contact with TomTom, in regards to my partially shipped parcel, with the order number 413174880 since February of this year!

I have kept the A4 sized hardcopy of it's TomTom PackSlip that was in the shipping parcel box, for the order number 413174880.

On it, it shows they only shipped one of the two items that i ordered & paid for with TomTom.

So, my question is to TomTom, when have i getting the other half of my order number 413174880 item please?

Please TomTom, please give me a reply on what is going on with my partially shipped parcel order number 413174880, please thanks!


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