New road confusion on app preventing navigation

Richard Eadie
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I’ve had an ongoing problem with navigation at J17 of the M6 (UK) for 9 months now. A new roundabout is proposed and has appeared on the mapping with a closed overlay but the iPhone app (but not myroutes or the map report tool) shows the existing roundabout and connections also closed (meaning no navigation is possible through the junction, causing huge diversions that aren’t necessary).
Full map updates SEEM to correct the issue, then subsequent partial map updates seem to break it again - this has been driving me mad for months and support seems unable to help. This also happened previously when Congleton Link Road was built - prior to it opening, the app sporadically was showing the new and old roundabout connections closed causing the same nav issues.
Has anyone else seen this sort of behaviour on new road infrastructure and partial map updates?
And is there any way of removing partial map updates (ie rolling back to the last full update), which could resolve the navigation issues temporarily??
Really hacked off with this, any help appreciated.


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    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for also posting this here on the forum. Hopefully a few more users can add more examples. So far we have one more example from Germany, also received through the App Store.

    We're still compiling information before coming back to you. I've passed on your contact details as mentioned in the PM.