Rollout of version 3.2 has started

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We have started rolling out version 3.2 for iOS. This is a staged rollout that will reach 100% over the period of one week.
  • You can now receive voice notifications for an upcoming alternative route.
  • See your total traffic delay on the CarPlay route bar.


  • rjmzoom
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    Any bug fixes please?
  • brucey
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    Looks like the automatic rerouting has not been fixed yet if my experience around Stoke this morning is anything to go by, where it tried to take me to M6 J16 rather than the J15 which was previously listed as an upcoming turn.

    Can admin confirm if this is planned to be fixed in a future release?

    Total traffic delay is a welcome addition.
  • D-Stream
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    Or speed camera average zones they STILL display the can do 70mph on motorways not the limit set.
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