Issues with dpad and keyboard known?

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I'm using the app via AA and natively on my head unit and I noticed some weird things I'd like to make sure TomTom is aware of. The issues are not present on AA.
The iDrive controller in my car is recognized by my head unit and emulates key presses and a Dpad for navigating the UI. It's comparable to plugging in a game controller into the phone.

First, when navigating the UI with the iDrive controller, it's possible to select hidden buttons when a prompt is in the foreground. For example upon exiting the app you can select not only "cancel" and "close" but also all the UI elements in the background, too. Actually pressing the hidden buttons doesn't do anything apparently or the prompt just doesn't disappear if anything happens in the background.

Next, when using the keyboard it will disappear after every character because the app globally catches the "enter" key which is used by the controller to select. The app performs the search query for example or performs any other action that is currently linked to the "enter" key... Using the keyboard with touch works as expected, of course.

In general navigating the UI using the dpad inputs works perfect.


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    the app not works with headunit controls
    only AA