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When I connect my phone to the car and turn on navigation from the on-screen menu, I can only see the first five My Places items, and there is no route bar on the right side of the screen.

There is no problem when I connect the phone to the car and start the navigation from the phone screen, searching for a destination in My Places on the phone, which all are displayed there, and then I have the route bar on the car screen.


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    That's absolutely according the current state of code development TT (App) and Google (AA) both.

    Don't forget:
    You are not able to touch an icon at the car's route bar to check and get more information in comparison with the smartfone's handling.
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    The list on Android Auto is limited to 6 places.
    Normally the route bar should be available. What version do you have?
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    The route bar will appear on Smartfone and car's screen via AA only if there is an active route set.
    Once killing the current route the route bar will disappear instantly.
    That's normal behavioral.
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    now it's normal, I also asked if you can always have ...