My Drive speed limit

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Can I set speed on my drive,I’m a truck driver with speed limit of 56 mph,when I set a route on my drive it will say for instance,journey will take 2.45 hours to get to destination but then when I send it to my Tomtom 6250 which has the speed limit set at 56 mph it will then add around 20-30 minutes to journey time.
I’m sure I’ve seen on my drive where to set speed but I cannot find it now😬


  • Willy875
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    You should be able to set the maximum speed on your GO.


  • AndyHat
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    Yes it’s set on my sat nav,,I’ve now found how to do it on my drive on the phone.
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    Further to @Willy875 post....
    On both the MyDrive phone App and the MyDrive Web Route Planner....
    There's an option under the Truck setting menu to set the vehicle Max speed....

    The MyDrive phone App....
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