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We started the release of 3.5.9-beta:
  • Fix for an issue where users are stuck while downloading a map
  • Fix for an issue where App runs in the background even after closing


  • Hifly
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    I see your have seriously rolled your sleeves and started working on the route bar for the TT Go app on AA. I have been waiting for 6 months for that - I love you!

    ->>> Could you please make the map tappable like on TomTom 5100? I see my waypoints on the map, but when I tap on any, nothing happens. Also nothing happens when I tap on any street or location on the map. Waze has a similar erroneous behavior on AA which drives me nuts (no pun intended). Google Maps on AA works and when I tap on a place in the map, it opens a menu (e.g. Navigate). On TomTom 5100, the menu is "Add to Route" or "Drive". But we all know google Maps is no TomTom alternative. :smiley: Is there some limitation that prevents you from adding this necessary feature?

    ->>> ETA and tappability of the route bar is feature as much necessary as the above one. I'm sure you are currently working hard on that.

    I drive 65,000 km annually (in private, mostly cris-crossing Europe; been using TomTom 5100 for years). So I think I know which are the most missed and valuable nav features that are currently missing from the TomTom Go app on AA when compared to the TomTom standalone devices. :wink: I use mostly my TomTom 5100 on longer trips now when it is, you would agree, ESSENTIAL (nothing comes close to a standalone TomTom, yet - please change that). But since I upgraded my car which now has AA, I try to avoid sticking the 5100 on my windshield as it makes for quite a bulky taxi-driver look with two nav screens. I use Waze nowadays on trips shorter than 200km, but Waze is no TomTom alternative either. TomTom is unbeatable for flexibility in avoiding traffic and giving you the control on what and how you want to avoid.

    Waze is amazing for real-time alerts on the road (car on side skirt, danger on road, police, etc). But I'd still prefer TomTom's invaluable features above to anything that Waze offers.

    I trust you will work hard to implement the above two main invaluable features missing from the TT Go AA app. Many thanks.

    Lots of <3 from Switzerland.
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    I have an issue since some release.
    When i'm on WiFi, i can't add/update maps (don't see any update).
    I have to Switch off my wifi and restart the app
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