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I have recently spent the past couple of weeks liaising with a TOMTOM CUSTOMER CARE REPRESENTATIVE via email as was suggested by a MODERATOR on this site
I explained to them THEIR device (620 PROFESSIONAL TRUCK) was constantly sending me through width restrictions, low bridges and that the device had no longer got DEAD END WARNINGS on it, their response was to tell me to change my truck dimensions to the correct ones, when i pointed out i had the dimensions set to the EXACT same dimensions as was on an EARLIER TOMTOM DEVICE, which i never had any trouble with there was no helpful advice to counter the problems i am facing. Also to activate DEAD END WARNINGS, i was told to go into SETTINGS> SOUNDS & ALERTS> DANGER ZONES when i pointed out my device in THAT menu setting was on ALWAYS but specifically like a previous model there was no WARN ME WHEN MY DESTINATION IS IN A DEAD END function i was told ‘sorry about that’ NO explanation on how to activate this feature even though it was readily available on earlier TOMTOM TRUCK DEVICES AND EARLIER ADVICE WAS TO GO INTO A SPECIFIC SETTING TO ACTIVATE THIS FUNCTION.



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    Hi @JaySimpson
    I have sent a heads-up to our customer service team to arrange a follow-up.

    The feature for 'dead end warning' is unfortunately not available on the GO PROFESSIONAL 620. I will log this as an improvement request to be passed on to the concerned team.

    Regarding the routing issues, we will require more information to investigate the issue. Our customer service teams are in a better position to collect this info and forward it to the concerned team.

    Thanks, Vikram.
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    Hi @VikramK

    Thanks for the response.
    The routing issues are indeed a strange one.
    I have since gone and bought an older 7100 (Truck) and this unit does NOT have the same routing issues as the newer 620 unit. If i type in a certain address which i have to deliver to on a regular basis the older 7100 will take me in to the street the correct way and as it has the ‘DEAD END WARNING’ function will warn me the road is a dead end, CORRECT information for my vehicle type as there is a ‘width restriction’ at one end of the street that any truck can’t fit through. The newer 620 try’s to take me through this width restriction. This street is in UK, Chessington, Cedarcroft rd. Around that area there are a series of width restrictions to stop Trucks taking a short cut in to a particular industrial estate. The older 7100 model recognises these restrictions but for whatever reason the newer 620 does not.

    On the 7100 i can make MAP CORRECTIONS that seem to take place on my unit straight away AND the corrections that CAN be made are more varied than on the 620 unit. I would suggest the people that update this sort of thing look at the older units and incorporate ALL of the features that made TOMTOM truck the best on the market.
    The only thing i can see the old unit does not have is the ability to correct LOW BRIDGES and maybe this could also be incorporated into the newer units as i have had to make corrections to a different road as no entry for trucks and mark it as ‘permanent’ on my 7100 unit as there is a low bridge that the 7100 doesn’t recognise.

    The 620 although much faster when it comes to start up and routing is by far much inferior in terms of reliability of roads, map corrections and HAZARDS than the old 7100 unit. As im sure you can imagine having to UNNECESSARILY reverse a truck of any size is a hazard for ALL road users.

    6-9 months to make a map correction on newer units just seems like madness to me especially as you can make a correction on the older units and it takes place right away on that unit, this should also be incorporated on to newer units, the technology must already be there to do this as its readily available on the older units.

    I travel to MANY obscure rural destinations as a HGV Driver in the UK but i am getting to the stage of why should i bother helping TOMTOM improve their product by reporting errors if things are going to take so long to resolve at your end (TOMTOM) and reading on this forum MANY of TOMTOM users are as frustrated as i am, so why would they also bother?

    Lets hope that the suggestions i have made are looked at by the people that can change these things at TOMTOM before you lose more customers to your competitors.

    Kind Regards