EV charging stations for the GO navigation ios app

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Hi, I am wondering if TomTom is going to add EV-charging stations to it's maps. I am using TomTom Go IOS app but I only can select fuel stations in which I am not interested.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @MarkZH

    I think they have indicated that is one of the future updates in the meantime you can search for them along you route.

  • jbjoret
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    I just renewed my subscription on iOS but I must say that I am slowly losing patience with this feature. Many of us are now driving an EV, showing the Gaz Stations is useless for us, on the other hand EV Charging possibilities on the road is a major "must" feature. Please give it priority.
  • Lost_Soul
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    You may wish to check out how the 'Android' version of the Go App handles EV charging stations. (I am currently using version 3.16.8-beta (4346))