Permanent fix needed for MyDrive SYNC to stop crashing device.

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Where do I post a bug report?

My GO Premium X has been suffering the dreaded rebooting problem. When the device first wakes up, so on a morning journey, enter a destination, and 'Go'. At the first junction, the device restarts, leaving you blind, this then repeats over and over. It boots up from cold, shows the overall journey map, detects you're moving, attempts a little navigation, then black screen and the booting logo. Repeat, repeat, repeat. drumroll soft resets will sometimes help. Cancelling navigation (if you can get to the menu before it restarts) and re-entering is also sometimes helpful. However it always makes the first 10 to 20 minutes of a day painful, and then it will be OK all day long. It comes back overnight.

I've seen many recommendations to remove / log out of the MyDrive SYNC feature. OK, that is what I am testing. And seems to fit with a first-contact-to-a-server-this-day scenario. Time will tell.

But that is a workaround, not a solution. I need mydrive SYNC. How to go about reporting a bug fix so that a future update fixes this?
Or at least, if there is some problem with sync then do what a proper coder does which is to error trap it, disable sync and log an event. Instead of letting it crash the entire device.


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    Your Go doesn't need Mydrive turned on all the time, so turn it on while you transfer a route, then turn Mydrive off again.

    This bug is known to customer service awaiting a fix.
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    Is there a toggle to turn it on and off? I can't find one.

    I see only 'Stop Syncing', which completely logs out, and then have to type password in again to re-enable.

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    Like you I just want my devices to work as advertised, “work arounds” can be a temporary solution but this issue has been ongoing for over 8 months as shortly after the 21.100 mandatory software update released at the end of September 2021 both my Go Campers and Go Premium X started to randomly reboot whilst driving and the already lengthy lag between selecting a menu and the screen changing (like watching paint dry!) became even more erratic.

    Attempting to deactivate My Drive synchronization as suggested was not really possible due to the devices constantly rebooting and the lack of response to the Menu presses plus my normal mode is to plan my routes in MyDrive (web) and send the stops to my device as I found this was the only means to avoid lengthy waiting times – I do not want to waste 5 minutes or more trying to set a destination on the devices!!

    I require MyDrive Synchronisation being switched on as it is almost the last redeeming feature of the TomTom devices to synchronise places where it is so much easier and quicker to set up a new Favourite in My Places using MyDrive and a large keyboard and to send a destination / or stops to the device to avoid any unnecessary delays before I set off driving, and Tomtom’s MyDrive sync is a “published feature” of the devices.

    I have, whilst my regular devices are literally “pet bricks” been using the Go Discover, but that too has faults; i.e. if using MyDrive to send a destination/stops to the Discover before it has detected any traffic delays, it does not recalculate the route once it has detected traffic regardless of any settings (set as Automatic) and I have to cancel the route and submit it again to take into account the traffic delays!

    Yes, there is no easy toggle on/off or My Drive sync. :(

    You have to Press Main Menu - Scroll to Settings - Enter - Scroll to My Drive - Enter - Then Select Stop Syncing..........

    In my experience it typically follows that after sending the stops from MyDrive (web) to the device, the destination being received and then attempting to turn off My Drive Sync as above the device will randomly reboot again and again, preventing getting to the actual menu to turn it off!!!

    I have driven journeys of ~30 minutes where the device has been constantly rebooting / not detecting traffic or giving any route guidance ............................. I have done multiple factory resets / putting the devices into recovery mode which did improve the issue a little until it reverts back to performing as a "pet brick" and I have given up using the devices.

    You could report this to the Customer Care Team ;)
    (I understand Tomtom is aware of the issue so I have not bothered...... - plus I have been in correspondence 'daily' on another issue for almost a year without any resolution and do not want to add to my stress levels !)

    @VikramK @lampard @Jurgen. Can we be assured there will be a permanent fix for this bug "very soon"???