Carminat TomTom loop issue

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I have a 2010 (60 plate) Renault Trafic van with built in satnav & the other day i started it up and found the screen was stuck in a loop - black screen with loading bar at bottom, then an egg timer with a green/yellow background would appear and get stuck there! Then process would repeat ( Black screen then green/yellow one). I have initialised a new SD Card as i found when inserting my original Renault SD card into my PC reader, i was not able to access the files on there & it would run my windows file explorer & TomTom HOME app very slow (?).

Does anybody know how i would be able to access the original map that was provided on the SD Card that came with the vehicle at new? I just want to have the same map that i had last week, not looking to blag a free upgrade etc etc.

Appreciate any help! :)