Alternative Motorcycle Mounts for the Rider?

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I currently have a TomTom Rider 550 on my motorcycle using the mounting kit provided by TomTom. The one thing I don't like about that RAM mount is the length of the mounting arm. Is anyone using any other mounting system to attach the Rider to their motorcycle that might have a lower profile?


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    RAM have different lengths or arm.
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    Hi cjpeltz,

    I had trouble finding a mounting device that was „wide“ enough (more than 32mm) to fit my steering rod. I found a modified RAM mounting defice through these guys:

    Maybe what you are looking for?
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    This is specific to a BMW R1250GS, but maybe you coincidentally have one or this might give someone another idea.

    Garmin doesn't properly support M1 Macs, so once I got fed up enough to throw my BMW branded navigator into a volcano, I discovered that the four mounting holes for the TomTom align perfectly with the mount for the Garmin. I took a hacksaw to the Garmin mount to get just the clamp part and was able to mount it on the 1/2" bar that the Garmin was on for the bike, above the instrument panel. I didn't have to deal with the handlebars at all and the TomTom is now front and center. The articulated arm/ball-joint RAM was not to my liking and I'm glad this worked out.

    Anyway, a fine hack if you happen to have a half-inch bar running across your cockpit.

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